JK Knowledge Initiative Vol:1(2),2017




1Synthesis, Characterization and I-V characteristics in [Co(NH3)4(C3H4N2)Cl]Cl2 prepared by a photochemical routeMohd. Hanief Najar1
2Analysis of Cookie Based Session Management in HTTP and Security ConcernsSupriya Gupta5
3Invasive Alien Species (IAS): A Less Known Environmental Issue that needs urgent attentionPervaiz A. Dar and Zafar A. Resh13
4Experimental Research to investigate the effects of mobile phone radiations on ECG signal using Modified Elman and Narx Artificial Neural NetworkAjay Abrol, S. S. Pattnaik22
5Some breeding parameters of whiskered tern (Chlidoniashybridus) at Anchar lake, KashmirFayaz Ahmad Ahanger27
6Population-environment interface in the Kashmir Himalayan catchment of Lidder RiverM. Imran Malik & Altaf Hussain Mir31
7A Comparative study of daily variations in noise levels at major crossings on the national highway of Jammu City, J&KSumit Kotwal45
8Elevated Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor mRNA is a consequence of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor alterations in lung cancer patientsNiyaz A Naikoo, Dil-Afroze, Roohi Rasool, Sonaullah Shah, A. G. Ahangar, Mushtaq A. Siddiqi, Zafar A Shah, and Asgar Hassan Samoon54
9Study of Equation of state of Symmetric Nuclear Matter and Pure Neutron Matter using Brueckner-Hartee-Fock approachSyed Rafi Ahmad63
10Approaches towards the synthesis of Pyrrolidine derived Aza-sugarsAnita Brar73
11Role of employee retention strategies for keeping and retaining talentsRenu Bala76
12Comparative evaluation of silk-yield of bivoltine silkworm Bombyxmori race NB4D2 mediated on various varieties of mulberry during spring season in Jammu division.Tasleem80
13Longitudinal analysis of plasma antibodies in antiretroviral naive subtype-C HIV-1 infected children in IndiaMuzamil A. Makhdoomi, Lubina Khan, Sanjeev Kumar, Heena Aggarwal, Ravinder Singh, Rakesh Lodha, Mohit Singla, Bimal K. Das, Sushil K. Kabra and Kalpana Luthra83
14Natural Language ProcessingPreeti Dubey89
15Spin Coated Polymer films: Their Structural and Optical PropertiesSanjeev Goswami92
16Some Irerative methods for a mixed equilibrium problemsP. Mansotra95
17Shale Resources Exploration and Energy Independence of IndiaMateen Hafiz, Naveen Hakhoo and Waquar Ahmed102