Dr. Asgar Hassan Samoon, I.A.S.
Principal Secretary to Govt.
Higher Education Department

The Department of Higher Education is charged with the responsibility to impart, regulate and disseminate higher education in the State. In order to improve the access to and quality of Higher Education, greater emphasis has been laid on the opening of new institutions, strengthening the existing institutions and taking all possible steps for the improvement of teaching-learning processes, introduce critical analytical thinking and problem solving, and consolidating of educational infrastructure to strengthen the curricular and the other facilities at the Higher Educational level besides research and innovation.

In view of the fast advancement in research activities and knowledge explosion in Science and Technology, the study of Mathematics has attained paramount significance. Mathematics teaches patience, discipline, and step-by-step problem-solving skills. There are many observable trends in mathematics, the most notable being that it is growing fast, computers have become all-pervading and powerful, and the volume of data to be analyzed being produced by science and industry, facilitated by computers, is exponentially expanding. Training in mathematics can open vast opportunities in every field like economy, engineering, finance, business, technology, research etc. In order to build competence and expertise in Mathematics, Computers and applications, we have to develop and introduce curriculum and courses at the school, college and university level, with a judicious combination of theory and applications. Jammu Kashmir Institute of Mathematical Sciences (JKIMS) has been established in the state with the sole purpose of producing quality and excellence among students and teachers in Mathematical Sciences. The Institute has started 5 Years Integrated Program in Mathematical Sciences and is planning to start Doctoral and Post- Doctoral Programs in Mathematics. Mathematics is the mother of all sciences and other related subjects in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. Mathematical knowledge has immense potential in the field of Banking, Space Research, Software Development, Animation Industry, e- security, Digitalization, finance, etc. for the overall development of the state in particular and country in general.

In order to promote research, Higher Education Department is bringing out the journal JK RESEARCH JOURNAL IN MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCES, that show cases the research being done in our institutions of higher learning, and will provide academicians, scholars and faculty of the institutions a platform to publish their research papers related to their fields, and we hope that the journal will be ranked among best journals with highest impact factor. We will put forward our efforts for making this journal a splendid success that will help the faculty and the institutions for enhancing the API scores and NAAC Accreditation.

Best Wishes!